100% Pea protein - 1kg


Shakez brings you a superior pea protein formula with added probiotics and vitamins to help boost your immune system while aiding with optimal muscle recovery. Sweetened naturally with stevia this protein does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Our complete vegan formula uses only the highest quality pea protein to ensure fast absorption and tastes incredible when mixed in shakes.



  • Other ingredients

    Pea protein isolate, Flavour (Natural & Natural identical), Stevia

  • Do you know your protein powder?

    When it comes to choosing a quality vegan protein supplement, pea protein would be the number 1 choice. It contains all the 9 essential amino acids required for optimal muscle recovery. Pea protein is made using yellow peas which contain the most amount of protein therefore it becomes perfect as a postworkout shake. We have added additional probiotics to help boost your immune system and this is probably the best-tasting pea protein you can buy.

    ​Providing you with an incredible 26 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of fat and carbs per serve this is an extremely lean product.

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